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About Us

Professional Dental Alliance is...

An alliance of clinicians leading the dental evolution of group dentistry with development and inovation for exclusive dentists helping them "master" dentistry. 

We are a dental alliance developing exceptional dentists who deliver the gold standard of care to each patient we have the privilege of treating. We are dedicated to being the best clinical dental organization in our region holding the highest bar of excellence for each other while continuing to develop and muster the science of dentistry. 

The ideology within the PDA is the thread of our existence. Distinctly outlined as the spirit of who we are in and out of our clinical setting, how we position a positive approach to each moment, how we treat each patient, team member, family and friends. As our alliance progresses, our primary focus is developing personally and professionally. Each doctor infuses this philosophy in their life and find ways to uphold our core values. Integrating our personalities into our professional lives we embrace individualism of each clinician to achieve an ongoing state of happiness and autonomy. Our core values guide us in every decision that is made. The courage to focus on integrity is the most significant component of our alliance. We recognize concentrating on our culture, core values, and relationships, our alliance will succeed in realizing our vision of delivering unsurpassed service to our patients and an unmatched work environment for all clinicians to grow and not only master life, but also, master dentistry.